Multiple Location Franchise Agreement

The original documents were scanned as an image. The original file can be downloaded at the link above.

Sample Multiple Location Franchise Agreement



(Multiple Restaurant Applicant)

LOSANGELES 246156v6 61247-00001


APPLICATION FOR FRANCHISE LICENSE (For Multiple Restaurant Applicant)

Name of Applicant:

This Application for the grant of franchises to operate___Fatburger Restaurants in the

general areas of______________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________is hereby

submitted on_____________, 20__on behalf of________________________________________.

Request Final Approval:

Applicant acknowledges his or her understanding that Fatburger has made preliminary approval of the Applicant based on the information providedA. Applicant is submitting this Application to Fatburger and requesting final approval. Applicant acknowledges that the final approval of the Applicant will be subject to Fatburger's reliance on the information provided by ApplicantA, and to verification of the financial information provided^ and such other supplemental information as Fatburger may request in connection with this Application, together with Fatburger's assessment of various factors, including, Applicant's business experience and financial position in the context of operating one or more restaurants in the general areas referenced above.

Receipt of Disclosure Documents:

Applicant also acknowledges his or her receipt of Fatburger's Uniform Franchise Offering

Circular effective____________________, 20___, together with the exhibits thereto, and the

applicable State Addendum, if any, relating thereto, by signing and returning with this Application one or both of the relevant receipts (See Receipt located at the end of the UFOC).

Deposit Amount:

If Fatburger approves the Application, Applicant acknowledges that to continue the process of obtaining licenses to operate Fatburger Restaurants, Applicant will be required to deliver to Fatburger a signed Franchise Deposit Acknowledgement and a check in the amount of

$___________, which equals $_______(minimum 8 A 25,000) for each Fatburger Restaurant

proposed to be operated by Applicant payable to Fatburger North America, Inc. as a deposit against the initial franchise fees payable by Applicant to Fatburger. Applicant further acknowledges that upon submission of the Franchise Deposit Acknowledgement and the deposit, the entire deposit will be immediately non-refundable and will be deemed earned by Fatburger for title screening and processing of the Application and for services performed following approval of my Application.

Finally, Applicant understands that this Application creates no obligation on either party to enter into any binding agreement with the other party, and should Fatburger elect to enter into a binding agreement with the Applicant, such election will be evidenced by and only by the execution of a ASite Evaluation and Approval Agreement and/or Franchise Agreement between the parties,^ Applicant must pay Fatburger its initial franchise fee when it signs the. Franchise Agreement, provided however that Fatburger will credit the deposit against the initial franchise fee fnot to exceed a credit of $25.000 for anv one Franchise Agreement).

LOSANGELES 246152v4 61247-00001

This Application is hereby submitted and dated this____of

confirmed by the signatures hereto.


Enclosures Confirmed by Fatburger on___________________, 20_:

____UFOC Receipt



LOSANGELES 246152v4 61247-00001

The original documents were scanned as an image. The original file can be downloaded at the link above.