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While researching the web for franchise information, we discovered that finding independent information on franchising was difficult. Inspired by the lack of objective data, we created this resource for your benefit. Here you will find information related to franchise contracts, agreements and other documents. We even include information on specific franchisors that you are interested in. We have indexed the site by company name, contract type and industry.

Who are the authors? The site was started by two classmates who attended the same Elementary, Junior High, High School and College in Los Angeles. As time progressed, their lives took them in different directions with one classmate moving to New York. The LA classmate took a trip to New York and the two met and discussed their ideas for a website. The New York classmate was working with a major franchisor and identified the opportunity. Together, they built FREEFranchiseDocs for the world to see. Go Gondos!

We utilize 1and1 to host our media files. 1and1 offers several affordable packages and also offers Private Registration Domains. Private Registration allows your contact information to be kept confidential from the publicly available whois databases.


FREEFranchiseDocs provides a great platform to deliver your high-quality message to some of the smartest and most interested franchise investors and service providers such as attorneys, consultants and suppliers in the country. Most advertising on FREEFranchiseDocs is handled by Google AdWords. AdWords allows businesses to advertise on any number of sites, including this one, regardless of the size of their budget. Please use the link below to find out more about Google AdWords.

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