Franchise Agreement

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Sample Franchise Agreement

Franchise Agreement Number:

Date of this Agreement

Expiration Date: _____


Franchisee: ________

In a number of places in this Franchise Agreement, you're asked to initial certain items to show that they've been fully discussed with you, and read, understood and agreed to by you. Initialing those areas doesn't lessen the importance of other areas or mean that they are not fully enforceable. Please initial below and at all other points indicated.

Your Initials: __________/


1.1 Introduction.

A.    In this Agreement, the Franchisor's Master Franchisor, Cartridge World North America LLC, is referred to as "the Master Franchisor" or "CWNA". CWNA's Managing Member, Cartridge World, Inc., is referred to as "CW, Inc.". Cartridge World Pty Ltd, CW Inc.'s Australian parent company and an Affiliate of CWNA, is referred to as "CW International". The Franchisee is referred to as "you," "your," or the "Franchisee".

B.    CARTRIDGE WORLD® Stores operate at a retail level using distinctive methods, which provide products and services related to refilling of printer (and other) cartridges, including refilling of inkjet cartridges; remanufacturing of laser cartridges; sales of toner, computer hardware (including printers) and software, and ancillary products and services. We refer to these businesses as "Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores" or "CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores."

C.   CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores use certain proprietary knowledge, procedures, formats, systems, forms, printed materials, applications, specifications, standards and techniques (all of which are part of the "CARTRIDGE WORLD System"), all of which has been developed at considerable expense. Distinguishing characteristics of the CARTRIDGE WORLD System include, but are not necessarily limited to, certain trade marks and logos and other forms of commercial identity, training, marketing concepts, the Manuals, distinctive color schemes and Trade Dress, and the Confidential Information, as defined in this Agreement.


Unit Franchise Agreement


(current form - subject to change)



Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


D.   CW International has granted CWNA the exclusive right to grant Master Franchises in the United States, Central and South America for the award of Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Franchises using the CARTRIDGE WORLD System. We are a Master Franchisee, and CWNA has granted us the exclusive right in a defined geographic area to award single unit Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Franchises using the CARTRIDGE WORLD System. Although CW International, CWNA and CW Inc. each is an intended beneficiary of this Agreement and may sue to enforce it, neither CW International, CWNA nor CW Inc. is a party to it, and none is bound by it in any way. All obligations and rights under this Agreement are directly between you and us.

E.   To simplify this Agreement and make it easier to read and understand, we have defined certain terms used in this Agreement in Section 1.2, below. When you see a capitalized word, or if you don't understand the meaning of a particular pronoun reference, look at Section 1.2 to see whether the term has been defined. Capitalized words that are not defined in Section 1.2 are defined in the section where they first appear.

F.    You applied for a franchise to own and operate a Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and your application has been approved by us in reliance on the information you gave us.

G.   Your CARTRIDGE WORLD franchise is a licensing arrangement, awarded under specific terms and conditions. You must comply fully with this Agreement and the Manuals in order to use the CARTRIDGE WORLD Marks, System and other Intellectual Property.

H. You agree that it is critical to you, us, CWNA, and each CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisee for the System to be flexible to respond to commercial opportunities and challenges. An inability to change the System could adversely affect other CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisees. You, therefore, agree and anticipate that the Manual and the System may be changed by us and/or CWNA, from time-to-time in our/their Business Judgment. You agree to comply with the Manuals and the System as they are changed by us/them.

I. Every detail of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Franchised Business is important not only to you, but to us and to all CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisees to increase and maintain the value of the Marks and the businesses associated with them. Therefore, during the term of this Agreement, you must at all times develop, maintain and operate your CARTRIDGE WORLD Franchised Business in accordance with each CARTRIDGE WORLD System Standard, as modified and supplemented by us and/or CWNA and/or CW International from time to time in our/their Business Judgment.

J. You understand and agree that your investment in a CARTRIDGE WORLD Franchise involves risks, including, but not limited to, the following: CARTRIDGE WORLD is a relatively young brand in the United States. Positive name recognition and good will to be established will be the result, in large measure, of you and other CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisees providing quality business services and following the Manuals and System. The Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store business model is relatively young in the United States. Substantial competition to the CARTRIDGE WORLD concept may exist in the United States, with certain competitors having established units and/or channels of distribution. Competition includes, among others, internet suppliers, office supply stores, other cartridge refilling franchises, mail order, and other channels of distribution. The Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store business is subject to frequent changes in the business environment, including technological developments, some of which might impact you negatively. All of these and other factors make your investment speculative.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                          7

K. Without your commitment to the System and to fulfill each of the obligations detailed in this Agreement, we would not form this franchise relationship with you.

1.2 Definitions.

"Affiliate" - Any person or entity which controls, is controlled by or is under common control with another person or entity; as to the Franchisee, Affiliate also includes any director, officer or owner of any interest in the Franchisee (and any entity controlled by any of the foregoing).

"Agreement" - This Franchise Agreement.

"Attorneys' Fees" - Includes, without limitation, legal fees, whether incurred in preparation of the filing of any written demand or claim, action, hearing, arbitration, or other proceeding to enforce the obligations of this Agreement, or during any such proceeding, plus all costs incurred in connection therewith.

"Brand" - The CARTRIDGE WORLD® brand, as applied to various goods and/or services as authorized by us from time-to-time.

"Business Entity" - Includes a corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, limited partnership, or other form of business recognized in any jurisdiction.

"Business Judgment" - Means that we and/or the Related Companies are allowed to exercise our/their judgment however we/they consider appropriate in our/their sole and absolute discretion, without any limitation. You and we agree that when in this Agreement we describe instances in which we/they may exercise Business Judgment, we must and do have the unrestricted right to make decisions and/or take (or refrain from taking) actions. We have this right even if a particular decision/action may have negative consequences for you, a particular franchisee or group of franchisees. You understand and agree that the exercise of Business Judgment is critical to our role as a Franchisor of the System and to our goals for its continuing improvement. This is a defined term for the purposes of this Agreement and is not intended to incorporate principles related to the application of the business judgment rule in a corporate law context.

"Confidential Information" - As defined in Section 8.1.

"Customary Representations. Warranties and Agreements" - Includes commitments generally made by a transferor in connection with a transfer of a business and/or related assets, including but not limited to: representations as to ownership, condition and title to stock and/or assets, liens and encumbrances relating to the stock and/or assets, validity of contracts, and liabilities, contingent or otherwise, relating to the business/assets/entity to be acquired; full indemnification obligations and non-competition covenants by the transferor and each Affiliate, substantially similar to those required in Sections 7.4 and 8.2 B of this Agreement; the delivery at closing of instruments transferring good and merchantable title to the assets purchased, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances (other than liens and security interests acceptable to us in our Business Judgment), and demonstrating that all sales, transfer and/or similar taxes are to be paid by the transferor through escrow if we so require; the transfer at closing of all licenses and permits which may be assigned or transferred.

"Designated Equipment" - Equipment that meets our requirements and which you must obtain and use in the operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


"Designated Individual" - A person who has the largest ownership interest in the Franchise or the Franchisee, is responsible for the management of the Franchised Business, and is identified on Exhibit 2.2, or a substitute individual reasonably approved by us in writing.

"Franchise" - The right to operate a single Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store at the Premises under the terms of this Agreement.

"Franchise Advisory Council" or "FAC" - The advisory group selected (or which may be selected) in accordance with this Agreement, which shall provide Input as provided in this Agreement and as we may request from time to time.

"Franchised Business" - The business operations authorized to be conducted by, at or in connection with your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store under this Agreement

"Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities" -Franchisor, Cartridge World North America, LLC, Cartridge World Pty Ltd., Cartridge World, Inc., the Marketing Fund, the FAC and each and all of the following, whether past, current and/or future: each and all company(ies) and/or person(s) acting through, in concert with us and/or any of the foregoing, and/or as Affiliates of ours and/or of any of the foregoing; each and all of the partners, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, attorneys, accountants, and/or employees of us and/or any of the foregoing; and each and all of the predecessors, successors and/or assigns of us and/or any of the foregoing.

"General Release" - A general release, in the then-current form prescribed by us at the time such release is to be delivered, of any and all claims, liabilities and/or obligations, of any nature whatsoever, including existing as of, and/or arising before, the date of any such release, however arising, known or unknown,. whether against us and/or any or all of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities, and whether by you, any owner of you (if you are or become a Business Entity), any person/entity claiming on the basis of an alleged right of yours, and/or any Affiliate of any of the foregoing. A copy of our general releasing language as currently used by us (which is subject to change) is attached as Exhibit 1.2 and is approved by you.

"Good Standing" - You are in "Good Standing" if you (and each of your owners and Affiliates) are not in default of any obligation to us and/or any of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities, whether arising under this Agreement or any other agreement between you (and each of your owners and Affiliates) and _ us (and/or any of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities), the Manuals or other System requirements (collectively, the "Obligations"); provided that you are not in Good Standing if you have been in default of any Obligations and such defaults are incurable by nature and/or part of a series of repeated defaults as defined in this Agreement, whether or not cured.

"Gross Profit" - Gross Profit is Gross Volume less the actual direct product cost (before deducting all overhead costs, including without limitation rent, payroll, insurance, taxes, and all other Store operating expenses) that you incurred and paid for in connection with the products/services which are sold and/or distributed by your Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.

"Gross Volume" - Gross Volume includes all charges and/or revenues which are, or could be, received or earned by you (and/or any Affiliate):

A)          by, at or in connection with your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store;

Cartridge World North America, LLC

Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


B)          relating to the kinds of goods or services available now or in the future through a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and/or distributed in association with the Marks or the CARTRIDGE WORLD System;

C)         relating to the operation of any Similar Business;

D)         with respect to, any tenants and/or subtenants of yours on the Premises (including rent and other lease payments); and/or

E)         with respect to any co-branding activities.

All sales and/or billings, whether collected or not, will be included in Gross Volume, with no deduction for credit card or other charges. Gross Volume does not include sales tax, value added and similar taxes collected and paid when due to the appropriate taxing authority or actual customer refunds, adjustments and credits.

"Immediate Family" - With respect to any person, "immediate family" includes that person's spouse and/or domestic partner and each of their respective parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and/or nephews.

"Input" - Advice and suggestions regarding specified matters. When we receive Input from the FAC or any other franchisee group we will retain the ultimate decision-making authority and responsibility for all matters for which Input is sought. FAC (or any other franchisee group) Input, votes or other collective actions will not be binding on us unless we have otherwise agreed in writing. FAC (or any other franchisee group) approval or consent will not be required as a pre-condition to any decision and/or action we may take, unless we agree otherwise in writing.

"Intellectual Property" - Includes, regardless of the form or medium involved, i) all CARTRIDGE WORLD Software, including the data and information processed or stored thereby; ii) the Manuals and all other directives, policies or information we and/or a Related Company(ies) issue from time to time; iii) all Customer relationships and information; iv) the Marks; v) all Confidential Information and trade secrets; and vi) all other proprietary, copyrightable and/or trade secret information and materials developed, acquired, licensed or used by us and/or a Related Company(ies) in our operation of the System.

"Manuals" - Specifications, standards, policies and procedures prescribed by us and/or a Related Company(ies) and published to you in any media (including electronic) and which are to be followed in the operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store as they may be changed or eliminated by us or them in our or their Business Judgment.

"Marketing Fund" - The fund established and defined under Section 11.1.

"Marks" - The trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols now and/or in the future owned by (or licensed to) us to identify the services and/or products offered by CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores, including (but not limited to) "CARTRIDGE WORLD®", the Trade Dress and other logos and identifiers designated by us from time-to-time.

"PUA" or "Per Unit Average" - The average Gross Volume for all CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores in the United States during the most recent six (6) month period before the measuring date.

"Post Termination Provisions" - Those promises contained in this Agreement that survive its expiration, Transfer, Repurchase, or Termination for any reason, including without limitation the confidentiality, noncompetition, indemnification, and dispute resolution and other provisions contained in Articles 7, 8, 17, 19, 20 and 21.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                        10

"Premises" - The facility in which you will operate a single Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.

"Products" and "Services" - Goods, products and services designated by us from time-to-time for use, sale or otherwise to be provided (and/or used) at and/or from your Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and/or in association with the Marks.

"Related Companies" - CWNA, CW Inc. and CW International are each a Related Company. We are independently owned and operated and are not an Affiliate of the Related Companies.

"Repurchase" - Repurchase is an acquisition by us (and/or any of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities) of your rights in and/or to i) this Agreement; ii) the Franchised Business; iii) any Business Entity Franchisee; iv) your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store; and v) any lease or assets associated with any of the foregoing.

"Simitar Business" - Any enterprise that offers, is otherwise involved in, or deals with any goods, products and/or services, which are substantially similar to those goods, Products and/or Services now or in the future authorized by us to be offered at or from CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores (including any such enterprise and/or entity awarding franchises or licenses to operate or be involved with any such business). Our receipt of any royalties with respect to any Similar Business is not an approval of your involvement with any Similar Business.

"Special Accounts" - Classes of special customers (which may include national accounts, other large businesses, government agencies, and/or otherwise) as designated by us from time-to-time in our Business Judgment.

"System" - The distinctive format and method of doing business developed and used for the operation of a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, and subject to change by us and/or a Related Company(ies) at any time in our/their Business Judgment.

"System Standards" - Standards prescribed by us and/or a Related Company(ies) in our/their Business Judgment from time-to-time, in the Manuals or elsewhere, for the operation, marketing and otherwise of CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores.

"Terminate" or "Termination" - "Terminate" or "Termination" when used in this Agreement means the Termination or cancellation of your rights and our obligations under this Agreement for any reason before the initial term expires. All of our rights are not cancelled on Termination since you have certain obligations that survive the ending of the Agreement in any manner, such as, but not limited to certain promises regarding non competition, confidentiality and indemnity. Both of us are bound by the dispute resolution provisions (Article 19) this Agreement, even after the Agreement is ended for any reason.

"Territory" - The geographic area described in Exhibit 2.2.

"Trade Dress" - The CARTRIDGE WORLD Store design and image authorized by us and subject to change by us and/or a Related Company(ies) at any time and in our/their Business Judgment.

"Trade Secret" - Information that is proprietary to us and/or Related Companies, including a formula, procedure, pattern, compilation, program, device, discovery, invention, method, technique or process, that i) derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by other persons who can obtain economic value from its

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


disclosure or use; and/or ii) is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy.

"Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store" - A "Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store" means a full, standard size, "brick and mortar" retail facility located in a free-standing building or a shopping center accessible to the general public and using the Marks and CARTRIDGE WORLD System.

"Transfer" - Defined in Section 14.2.

"Us," "We," "Our" or "Franchisor" - (INSERT NAME OF FRANCHISOR), a ______________


"CARTRIDGE WORLD Store" - The Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store you are franchised to operate by this Agreement.

"You," "Your." or "Franchisee" - The parties signing this Agreement as Franchisee. (If there is more than one Franchisee, each is jointly and severally obligated under this Agreement and all other agreements with us and/ or Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities). The term "you" is applicable to one or more persons or a Business Entity, as the case may be.


2.1 Award of Franchise; Term. Your Basic Commitment.

A.    We're pleased to award you a franchise to operate a single Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store at a single location to be approved by us, and to use the Marks and the CARTRIDGE WORLD System in the operation of that Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. If this Agreement is awarded in connection with a new franchise or an existing Store transfer, the franchise is awarded for a term of ten (10) years, commencing on the Date of this Agreement and ending on the Expiration Date noted on the first page of this Agreement.

B.  If this Agreement is awarded in connection with the grant of a renewal franchise, then the term of this Agreement will be governed by the renewal provisions of the franchise agreement under which you operated during the initial term (which is now expired). The Expiration Date is noted on the first page of this Agreement.

C.  The Franchise awarded to you by this Agreement is to operate only a single Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and to use the Marks and the System only for purposes of conducting a business in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the Manuals and other communications from us. All of the business of the CARTRIDGE WORLD Store must be conducted from the Premises, although you and we understand that certain of the Products and Services may be delivered away from the Premises, such as at a customer's site. You are authorized to use the Marks only in connection with the operation of the Franchised Business at a single location, the Premises. You must not conduct any activities from the Premises other than the operation of your Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Store without our prior written consent. You will not engage in any other business or activity that may conflict with your obligations under this Agreement or reduce the Gross Volume of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


2.2 Territory. Your rights relating to any Territory are exactly (and only) as expressly set forth in Exhibit 2.2.

I have read Sec. 2.1,2.2, and Exhibit 2.2 in their entirety, understand them, and agree with them. Your Initials: __________/__________


3.1        Site Selection.

A.  You must have a site acceptable to us, receive the opening notice from us described in Section 3.6, below, and do everything necessary for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store to open for business within six (6) months from the date of this Agreement. You must not operate a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, use any of the Marks from or at any location, or make any commitments about a site until you have our written site acceptance. We won't unreasonably withhold our acceptance. Acceptance by us of any location is not a recommendation, approval or endorsement of such site. We make no representations or warranties as to the success of any site or as to any other matter of any kind relating to the site.

B.  If you are unable to acquire a site and open your Store within the time provided in 3.1 A., above, then we may Terminate this Agreement.

C.  All matters related in any way to your site are your sole responsibility, regardless of any assistance we may choose to provide. You are responsible for obtaining any architectural and engineering services required for your facility and for ensuring its compliance with local law. Neither we, nor any Franchisor-Related Persons/Entity, nor any other person or company associated with us will have any liability for any site-related matter. You agree not to make any claims against us and/or any of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities with regard to such matters.

3.2        Lease of Premises.

A. You agree to submit any lease and all site-related documents to us for our review prior to their execution by you. You shall use commercially reasonable efforts to arrange for the inclusion of provisions in a lease addendum or other appropriate site-related documents which:

1)    Obligate the lessor to provide us upon request with sales and other operations information related to your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store;

2)    Permit you to operate your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store in accordance this Agreement and the Manuals;

3)    Provide that the Premises will be used only for the operation of a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, and prohibit you from assigning or modifying any of your lease rights, or extending the term without our prior written consent;

4)    Require the lessor to concurrently provide us with a copy of any written notices (whether of default or otherwise) to you under the lease and give us the right to cure any default if we so choose;

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


5)    Provide us with a right to take assignment and possession of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Premises, without the lessor's consent or any additional consideration if you default and/or this Agreement expires or is terminated or rescinded. If we exercise this right, we will not have any liability for any obligations incurred prior to our occupancy. You agree to take whatever actions are necessary to accomplish such assignment. If you lose your lease rights to the Premises in connection with any bankruptcy, the lessor will, upon our request, enter into a new lease with us on essentially the same terms as the terminated lease;

6)    Provide that the lessor consents to the use of the Marks, Trade Dress and other aspects of the System, as modified from time-to-time, and give us the right to enter the premises during normal business hours for purposes of inspection, to take steps to protect the Marks and Trade Dress and/or prevent/cure any default.

B. You shall not execute a lease or sublease, or any modification or amendment, without our prior written consent, which we can grant, condition or withhold in our Business Judgment, as we deem appropriate. When you sign this Agreement, you also will sign the Collateral Assignment of Lease attached as Exhibit 3.2. You agree to obtain the lessor's signature on the Landlord Approval included with the Collateral Assignment of Lease before or at the same time as the lease is signed. You agree to deliver a copy of the signed lease or sublease and the signed Landlord Approval to us within five (5) days after it's signed.

3.3        CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Design Standards and Facility Services Fee.

A.   You agree to comply with any standards, specifications and other requirements (the "CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Design Standards") that we furnish you for design, decoration, layout, equipment, furniture, fixtures, signs and other items for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. Any changes from plans provided by us must be submitted to us for our consent, which may be provided in our Business Judgment. Your compliance with the standards does not release you from your obligation to ensure that your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store is designed and constructed in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, including without limitation the Americans with Disabilities Act. You agree to execute and deliver to us an ADA Certification in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit 3.3., before you open your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, to confirm and certify that your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and any proposed renovations comply with the ADA.

B.   We, or a supplier we designate, will provide you with a Store plan template and consult with you in the build out of your facility to provide space plan suggestions, among other advice, and will facilitate compliance with applicable Design Standards by interacting with your architect, contractor, materials suppliers and/or other persons hired by you. You will pay us or the designated supplier, as instructed by us, a Facility Services Fee in the amount of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500) at the time of the execution of this Agreement; provided that no such Fee will be due and no such services will be provided if you are obtaining this Agreement as a renewal franchise agreement or as a result of a Transfer of the Franchised Business at an existing Cartridge World Store. The services provided for the Facility Services Fee are limited to advice to you. We will have no authority or control over, or responsibility for, the acts/omissions of any architect, contractor, materials supplier or other persons hired by you and with whom you will have a direct legal and business relationship.

3.4        Development for Your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. You must select and employ a licensed contractor reasonably acceptable to us, which acceptance will not be unreasonably withheld.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


You are solely responsible for the selection and work of any contractor selected and/or employed by you, even if referred by us.

3.5        Equipment. Furniture. Fixtures and Signs. You'll use only Designated Equipment and suppliers approved by us in the development and operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store as we may require. We and/or our Affiliates and/or Related Companies may be such approved suppliers.

3.6        CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Opening. You will open your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store for business immediately upon our notice to you that: i) all of your pre-opening obligations have been fulfilled; ii) pre-opening training has been completed; iii) all amounts due us (and/or any Affiliate) have been paid; and iv) copies of all insurance policies (and payment of premiums), leases/subleases and other required documents have been received.

3.7        Grand Opening Program - Marketing Fee. We or our designee will provide you with grand opening marketing and promotional materials and guidance (the "Grand Opening Package"). You are required to pay to us or to our designee, as instructed by us, Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000) for the Grand Opening Package at the time that you sign this Franchise Agreement.

3.8        Relocation of CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Premises. Any relocation requires our written consent, will be at your sole expense and will require that you (and each Affiliate and owner of yours) sign a General Release. If a lease for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store is terminated or expires, or if your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store is damaged, condemned or otherwise rendered unusable, or if, in your and our judgment, there is a change in the character of the location of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store sufficiently detrimental to its business potential to warrant its relocation, you agree to relocate your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.


A.  You must purchase, use, maintain and update at your expense the software, computer and other systems (including point-of-sale and back-office systems) meeting our specifications, as we may modify them. If required by us, you agree to maintain your systems on-line to allow us access to system data and information. You agree to comply with our then-current Terms of Use and Privacy Policies and any other requirements regarding all computer and other systems, including Internet usage. Supplier or and/or licensor charges for use, maintenance, support and/or updates of and to the required systems are payable by you upon receipt.

B.  Neither we nor any of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities will have any liability and/or obligation (and neither you, nor any Affiliate of yours, will make any claims) about any failures, errors or any other occurrences relating to any computer or system hardware or software without an express written warranty from us, even if recommended or specified by us.


5.1 Training.

A.          You must complete the CARTRIDGE WORLD initial training program to operate your

CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. The initial training program is scheduled at our discretion and consists of a combination of classroom training at CWNA's training center in Northern California, or such other location designated by us/CWNA, and on the job training conducted at CARTRIDGE WORLD stores or other

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


facilities designated by us/CWNA. We can choose to eliminate or shorten training for persons previously trained or with comparable experience.

B.             You must pay Training Fees when you sign the Franchise Agreement. As of the date of this Agreement, the initial training program includes two (2) weeks in CWNA's Northern California facility and one (1) week each of pre and post opening training conducted at a location(s) designated by us in our Master Franchise Territory, but the location and duration of training is subject to change. The fee for the classroom portion of the initial training program for the first attendee under this Agreement is Six Thousand Three Hundred dollars ($6,300). The current fee for each additional attendee is Seven Hundred dollars ($700). The fee for the combined pre and post opening training is One Thousand dollars ($1,000) for the two sessions, regardless of the number of attendees. We may adjust all Training Fees from time to time. If the Franchise is owned by more than one person or if the Franchisee is a Business Entity, then the Designated Individual identified in Exhibit 2.2below must successfully complete the initial training program (both the classroom and on the job training sessions) and comply on an ongoing basis with all training requirements., A Designated Individual shall be deemed to be the "Franchisee" for purposes of meeting all training and similar qualifications pursuant to this Agreement. You are solely responsible for any travel, accommodations, living and other expenses associated with your attendance. The initial training program will be held at a time and for such period, as we specify in our Business Judgment You will be responsible for ensuring that each of your managers is trained to our then-current standards. We can require in our Business Judgment that each of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store managers and/or substituted Designated Individuals attend and complete our initial training program before managing your Store or assuming their position, respectively. We will use reasonable efforts to accommodate attendance by managers and other staff members at initial training programs upon thirty (30) days advance notice. You shall be responsible for all tuition fees, airfare, travel, wages, living, incidental and other expenses for your managers and any other personnel attending the initial training program, and any other subsequent training programs, seminars or meetings, unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing.

C.            If we, in our Business Judgment, determine that you have not successfully completed or are not making satisfactory progress in your initial training, we can either require that a substitute manager or Designated Individual complete the training or terminate this Agreement.

D.           We can require that you, your Designated Individual and/or Store manager(s) attend additional and/or remedial training, including national and regional conferences, conventions and meetings, as we may reasonably require to correct, improve and/or enhance your operations, the System and its members. We also can require successful completion of training by all of your supervisory personnel. Meetings designated as mandatory by us will be held in North America at a location selected by us, and we will provide you with at least thirty (30) days advance written notice thereof. We may elect to charge a reasonable fee for all training.

5.2 Guidance and Assistance. We will provide guidance in the operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. This guidance can be furnished in whatever manner we consider appropriate in our Business Judgment, including electronically, in writing or telephonically, through training programs and/or on site consultations and/or through representatives of ours and/or Related Companies, among other methods. We will provide at your request on-site consultations at your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, based on notice, availability of personnel and your payment of reasonable travel, food, incidental and lodging expenses. No consulting fee will be charged. If we believe in our Business Judgment that your operations warrant it, we can require that a manager or other person designated by us be placed in your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store to supervise its day-to-day operations until operations meet

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


System standards. If we choose to do so, you must reimburse us according to the requirements of Section 16.8.

5.3 Manuals. During the term of the Franchise, we will loan you (or allow you electronic or other access to) one copy of the Manuals. You will continuously comply, at your sole expense, with all provisions of, and additions/deletions/changes to, the Manuals. Any such additions/deletions/changes will take precedence over all prior communications. Mandatory specifications, standards and operating procedures prescribed from time-to-time by us in the Manuals, or otherwise communicated to you electronically or otherwise, are a part of this Agreement. In the event of a dispute, the master Manuals maintained at our office and/or a Related Company's headquarters will control.

6.          MARKS.

6.1         Goodwill and Ownership of Marks. You have a non-exclusive right to use the Marks and only as expressly authorized by us under this Agreement. CWNA/CW International has all rights in and to the Marks. All goodwill belongs exclusively to them, and you will not obtain any goodwill in the Marks as a result of this Agreement, your operation of the Franchise or for any other reason. Any unauthorized use of the Marks is a breach of this Agreement and an infringement of proprietary rights. You agree that if you breach any obligation regarding the Marks, we/Related Companies would have no adequate remedy at law and that we/Related Companies will be entitled to equitable relief. You won't oppose, or engage in any acts or omissions inconsistent with, our rights in and to the Marks. This Agreement applies to all trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols that we authorize you to use throughout its term.

6.2        Limitations and Use of Marks. You will use the Marks as the sole identification for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. You will not use any Mark, or modified version or derivative of a Mark, as part of any business or trade name. Prior to adoption and/or use, any proposed corporate and/or trade name must be approved by us. You agree to promptly comply at your sole expense with any request for you to modify any business or trade name adopted by you that is contrary to this Section. You agree to give such trademark and other notices (including notices of independent ownership) as we direct and will, at your expense, obtain fictitious or assumed name registrations as may be required under law. You will display the Marks as required by us and will not use the Marks so as to negatively affect their goodwill. You won't use any Mark in connection with the performance or sale of any unauthorized services or products or at any location or in any other manner not expressly authorized in writing by us.

6.3        Notification of Infringements and Claims. You'll take such actions as we consider important in our Business Judgment to protect the Marks. You will not take any action that jeopardizes our or any Related Company's interests in, or the validity or enforceability of, the Marks. You agree to immediately notify us of any apparent or actual infringement of, or of any challenge to your use of, the Marks. You will not communicate with any third party with respect to such a claim (except for Related Companies and their designees). We will take such action as we deem appropriate in our Business Judgment. CWNA/CW International (and/or its designees) has the exclusive right to control any settlement, litigation or proceeding arising out of or related to any such matters.

6.4        Discontinuance of Use of Marks. You agree to comply at your expense with any directions from us and/or any Related Company to discontinue, modify, substitute or add Marks. We cannot and do not make any guaranty that a modification, discontinuance or otherwise will not be required for any reason. In such event, we will have no liability or obligation to you. You agree to make no claim in connection with any modification, discontinuance or other action, and/or with any dispute regarding the

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                        17

Marks against us and/or any Related Company. There is always a possibility that there might be one or more businesses using a name and/or marks similar to the Marks and with superior rights.


7.1         Independent Contractor. You will always identify yourself to all persons and in all dealings of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store as an independent owner under a CARTRIDGE WORLD franchise, clearly indicating that your Franchised Business is separate and distinct from our business and that of any Related Company. You will include notices of independent ownership on such forms, business cards, stationery, advertising, signs and other materials as we require from time-to-time. Subject to the requirements of this Agreement and the mandatory provisions of the Manuals, you will have complete operational control of your business, including the right to hire and fire each employee.

7.2        No Liability for Acts of Other Party. You will not represent that your and our relationship is other than that of independent Franchisor and Franchisee. Neither you nor we will have any liability under any acts, omissions, agreements or representations made by the other that are not expressly authorized in writing. This Agreement does not create a fiduciary relationship between you and us and/or any Related Company.

7.3        Taxes. Payment of all taxes related to your Franchised Business is your sole responsibility. Neither we/nor any Related Company have any liability for any taxes on the sales made and/or business conducted by you (except for any taxes we are required by law to collect from you with respect to purchases from us.)

7.4        Responsibility. Indemnity, etc.

A.           You will indemnify and hold us and all of the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities

harmless from all fines, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, actions, losses, damages, costs, fees (including attorney's fees and related expenses) and/or any other liability of any kind or nature, however arising, growing out of or otherwise connected with the operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and/or related to any act, error and/or omission of yours, even if there is a claim that a Franchisor-Related Person/Entity was negligent, including, but not limited to, your ownership and/or management of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and/or any Transfer of any interest in this Agreement or your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. We and/or a Related Company will have the right to control all litigation, and defend and/or settle any claim, against and/or including us and/or the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities, or affecting our and/or their interests, in such manner as we/Related Companies deem appropriate in our/their respective Business Judgment, without affecting our/their rights under this indemnity.

B.          Unless we give to you a specific written warranty for a particular item or service,

goods and/or services provided by us, the Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities and/or any "approved" person/company/referral are provided without any warranties, express or implied, from us or any Franchisor-Related Person, THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE BEING EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. To the extent that they are transferable, we will pass on to you any warranties received from suppliers by us or Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities in connection with products distributed by us or Franchisor-Related Persons/Entities to you.

I have read Sec. 7.4, understand it, and agree with it. Your Initials: __________/__________

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                        18

7.5 Disclosure. You permit us to disclose, in offering circulars required by law and other places, any information relating to your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, including your name, any address and/or phone number(s), revenues, expenses, results of operations and/or other information. Any disclosure by us shall be for reasonable business purposes, and our rights under this Section survive the Termination, expiration or Transfer of this Agreement.


8.1 Confidential Information - Non-Disclosure and Non-Use.

A.          "Confidential Information" includes all information relating to the operation of a

CARTRIDGE WORLD Store or the System, including, among other things, all current and future: i) Manuals, training, techniques, Trade Secrets, processes, policies, procedures, systems, data and know how regarding the development, marketing, operation and franchising of CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores; ii) specifications and information about Products and Services; iii) all information regarding customers and suppliers, including any statistical and/or financial information and all lists; iv) methods of refilling printer cartridges; and v) any Related Company's engineered jigs. Specifically, and without limitation, the Related Companies own and control all domain names and URLs ("Uniform Resource Locator") relating to any and all CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores, as well as all information, lists and data related to past, present and future customers of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. Your only interest in any of this Confidential Information is the right to use it pursuant to this Agreement. You have the burden of proof and of going forward in any dispute between you and us or the Related Companies involving the proprietary or confidential nature of any information.

B.            Both during and for five (5) years after the term of this Agreement, you agree i) to use the Confidential Information only for the operation of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store under a CARTRIDGE WORLD Franchise Agreement; ii) to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information; iii) not to make or distribute, or permit to be made or distributed, any unauthorized copies of any portion of the Confidential Information; and iv) to implement all prescribed procedures for prevention of unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Information; provided that you agree to comply with the foregoing obligations with respect to Trade Secrets both during and after the term of this Agreement and without regard to any time period limitation.

C.           You agree to disclose to us all ideas, techniques, methods and processes relating to a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store conceived or developed by you and/or your employees. We and the Related Companies shall have the perpetual right to use, and to authorize others to use, such ideas, etc., without payment to you. You agree to sign (and cause your employees and contractors to sign) such documents as we or any Related Company may reasonably require in order to implement this clause.

D.           You agree to have each of your employees, agents, principals and Affiliates sign a form of confidentiality agreement approved by us and our then current model form will be included in the Manuals or otherwise provided by us. We may from time to time provide you with template or sample forms/agreements and other materials and/or require through the Manuals or other written instruction that agreement forms used by you in the Franchised Business contain certain terms and/or protections for us. We do not warrant the legal sufficiency or quality of any such documents that we may approve or provide, and you are responsible to have all such items reviewed and modified for compliance with local law by an attorney licensed to practice in the state(s) where your Franchised Business will be located. You also agree to ensure that the collection, input, storage and use of your Franchised Business data using the Cartridge World systems complies with any applicable privacy laws and regulations within your jurisdiction

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


and any Manuals requirements. You are solely responsible for ensuring that any confidentiality agreement used by you is in compliance with and enforceable under local law. You will give us copies of your confidentiality agreements upon request.

8.2 Exclusive Relationship. Restrictions on Similar Businesses During Franchise Term and After Transfer. Termination. Expiration. Repurchase, etc.

A.          In Term Restrictions: During the term of this Agreement and any renewal franchise, neither you, nor any Designated Individual or Affiliate of yours, nor any shareholder, member or partner of yours (if you are or become a Business Entity), nor any Immediate Family member of any of the foregoing, will:

1)          have any direct or indirect interest anywhere in any Similar Business, or in any entity awarding franchises or licenses or establishing joint ventures or other business enterprises for the operation of Similar Businesses; or

2)          perform any services anywhere as an employee, agent, representative or in any capacity of any kind for any Similar Business, or for any entity awarding franchises or licenses or establishing joint ventures to operate Similar Businesses; or

3)          employ or try to employ any employee of ours, of a Franchisor-Related Person/Entity or of any other CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisee or Master Franchisee, without providing notice to the respective employer and obtaining their prior written consent. If you violate Section 8.2 A.3 during or after the term of this Agreement, then our remedies will include (but not be limited to) payment to us by you of $5,000, such amount having been mutually agreed on by you and us in view of the extreme difficulty in accurately determining the damages suffered as a result of such breach.

B.          Post Term Restrictions: For two (2) years after the later of the following terminating events: i) any Transfer, Repurchase and/or Termination of this Agreement; ii) the expiration of this Agreement (if a renewal franchise or renewal term is not granted); and/or iii) the date on which you stop operating your final CARTRIDGE WORLD Store or using the Marks and/or System, all of the persons and entities named in such Section 8.2, A, above:

1)    shall not accept or solicit any person, firm or company that has been a CARTRIDGE WORLD Customer during the period twelve months prior to termination, nor try to divert any such Customers from any CARTRIDGE WORLD Store or CARTRIDGE WORLD enterprise of any kind (including any operations owned by any Franchisor-Related Persons/Entity and/or other Master Franchisees); and

2)    shall be subject to all of the restrictions stated in Section 8.2 A, above, with respect to Similar Businesses located, and/or services performed, in the Non-Compete Area for any Cartridge World Store location in the United States, including the location of the Store operated by you under this Agreement. A "Non-Compete Area" shall be the circular area defined by a radius of ten (10) miles from the front door of any such Cartridge World Store location, including your own.

3)    You and we have expressly bargained and agreed that it is your obligation under this Agreement to ensure the compliance of each of the persons identified in Section 8.2 A., with the restrictions described in this Section 8.2. The foregoing notwithstanding, we shall use reasonable judgment in evaluating whether or not the conduct of an Immediate Family member warrants our exercising any rights under this provision, considering your actual relationship to such member and his/her activities, among other factors.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


The restrictions of this Section do not apply to the ownership of shares of a Similar Business (of a class of securities listed on a stock exchange or traded on the over-the-counter market) that represent less than three percent (3%) of the number of shares of that class issued and outstanding.

4)             You and we share a mutual interest in ensuring compliance with the limitations on competition described in this Section 8.2. A CARTRIDGE WORLD franchisee's non-compliance with these restrictions would damage you, us and other CARTRIDGE WORLD Franchisees and unfairly limit reasonable expansion alternatives open to us and CARTRIDGE WORLD system members. You acknowledge and agree that such protections can enhance the value of the CARTRIDGE WORLD System to you as a franchisee, represent a reasonable balancing of your and our respective interests and have been expressly bargained for. You confirm that you possess valuable skills unrelated to the franchised business and have the ability to be self-supporting and employed, regardless of the competitive restrictions described in this Section 8.2.

5)    If you violate any of the foregoing restrictions, our remedies will include (but not be limited to) the right to obtain equitable relief and to receive all profits generated in connection with the operation of any Similar Business until the date you cease to violate such restrictions. All competitive restrictions will be extended for the length of time that any breach of the Post Termination Obligations is ongoing. If any of the restrictions of this Section are determined to be unenforceable to an extent because of excessive duration, geographic scope, business coverage or otherwise, they will be reduced to the level that provides the greatest protection to us and the CARTRIDGE WORLD System, but which is still enforceable, notwithstanding any choice-of-law or other provisions in this Agreement to the contrary.

I have read Sec. 8.1 and 8.2, understand them, and agree with them. Your Initials: __________/__________

9.          FEES.

9.1 Initial Franchise Fee, Releases, etc.

A.           An initial franchise fee of____________Thousand Dollars ($__________) is fully earned

and payable to us on signing of this Agreement. The fee is entirely nonrefundable. We will apply a credit against the initial franchise fee due, or against such other fees as may be due upon the signing of this Agreement, in the amount specified in any mutually executed Application Agreement and Letter of Intent/Consent to Transfer Agreement, or other applicable agreement.

B.            If you and we have, or have had, a pre-existing franchise relationship prior to the execution of this Agreement, the language of the General Release attached as Exhibit 1.2 is incorporated in and effective upon the signing of this Agreement, excepting only those claims solely related to the offer and sale of this Franchise where such releases are expressly prohibited by applicable law.

C.          As a condition to the occurrence of any of the following events (the "Events"), you and/or

any Affiliate/owner of yours will sign a General Release, excepting only (where such releases are expressly prohibited by applicable law) those claims solely related to the offer and sale of the new Franchise:

(ix) the awarding of any future, additional or other franchise;

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


(x) the renewal of this franchise and/or awarding of a renewal franchise; (xi) any assignment or Transfer by you and/or any Affiliate/owner of you; and/or (xii) any other event described in this Agreement as being conditioned in whole or in part upon such a General Release (as defined in Article 1.2, above).

9.2        Royalty. Payment Dates.

A.          You agree to pay us royalties in each royalty period calculated as follows with respect to the two business segments identified below:

(a)     with respect to computer hardware (including printers) and/or software sales, six percent (6%) of Gross Profit received or earned by you during the preceding royalty period, and

(b)     with respect to all other Products and/or Services sales (including but not limited to inks, ink cartridges and related printer consumables), an additional six percent (6%) of Gross Volume received or earned by you during the preceding royalty period.

Royalties are to be paid by the tenth (10th) day after each royalty period. Royalty payments are due commencing with the royalty period in which you begin CARTRIDGE WORLD Store operations. The current royalty period is a calendar month, but the time period may be changed by us in our Business Judgment. You must use your best efforts to maximize Gross Volume.

B.          We require that various Products and/or Services only be supplied by us, a Franchisor-Related Person/Entity, and/or a designee of ours. You understand and agree that we and/or our Franchisor-Related Person/Entity will derive additional revenues/profits as a result of your purchases of such Products/Services.

9.3        Electronic Funds Transfer. You must participate in our then-current electronic funds transfer and reporting program(s). The then-current transfer process (e.g., account debit dates, applicable forms and other relevant information) will be provided in the Manuals or other written instruction from us. In any event, all royalties owed and any other amounts designated by us must be received or credited to an account specified by us by pre-authorized bank debit not later than end of business on the tenth (10th) day after a royalty period. You agree to maintain sufficient funds in your authorized accounts to meet your payment obligations under this Agreement. An insufficient account balance and/or any nonpayment or late payment of the actual amount due is a breach of this Agreement.

9.4        Interest and Late Fees on Late Payments and/or Reports/Collections Costs. All

amounts you owe us and/or our Affiliates bear interest at the highest applicable legal rate for open account business credit, but not to exceed one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month. Additionally, we can require you to pay an administrative late fee of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) for each late report. The foregoing amount is subject to inflation adjustment under Section 9.6, but will not exceed any applicable legal restrictions. If we experience repeated late payments by you, then we can require you to pay all amounts due us by cashier's check. You are responsible for all reasonable costs of collection incurred by us in connection with any late payments, including legal costs and attorneys' fees.

9.5        Application of Payments. Set-Offs etc. As to you and/or any Affiliate of yours, we can:

A) apply any payments received to any past due, current, future or other indebtedness of any kind in our Business Judgment, no matter how payment is

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                        22

designated by you, except that Marketing Fund contributions may only be credited to the Marketing Fund;

B)          set off, from any amounts that may be owed by us, any amount owed to us or any marketing fund; and

C)         retain any amounts received for your account (and/or that of any Affiliate of yours), whether rebates from suppliers or otherwise, as a payment against any amounts owed to us.

We can exercise any of the foregoing rights in connection with amounts owed to or from us and/or any Franchisor-Related Person/Entity.

9.6        Inflation Adjustments/Currency Requirements. Amounts specified as being subject to inflation adjustment may be adjusted by us annually in our Business Judgment in proportion to the changes in the Consumer Price Index (U.S. Average, all items) maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor (or any successor index that we designate) as compared to the previous year. We will notify you of any such percentage adjustment. All amounts specified in this Agreement are in U.S. Dollars.

9.7        Mandatory Convention Attendance. Possible Fee. You are required to attend all meetings designated by us as mandatory (including without limitation the CARTRIDGE WORLD annual convention), unless otherwise excused by us. One management-level individual must attend on behalf of each of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores. You may be required by us to pay a fee at the time of the event to offset the cost of a convention or other program. You are responsible for all other costs of attendance.

9.8        Payment Instructions. You agree to comply with payment instructions for fees owed under this Agreement, as provided in the Manuals or as otherwise instructed by us, including a requirement that payments be made to CWNA or an agent for collection. Neither CWNA nor any such agent will have any responsibility for the performance of our obligations under this Agreement because of any collection activities on our behalf.


10.1 System Compliance. Regular Upgrading.

A.   You agree to operate your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store in full compliance with the then-current CARTRIDGE WORLD System and the Manuals. You agree to promptly comply at your expense with all then current requirements, standards and operating procedures relating to every aspect of a CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and its operations (including without limitation use of specified equipment, Products and Services, computer hardware and software and Point Of Sale ("POS") systems; supplier programs and operating systems; signs, logos, designs and advertising/marketing materials and forms; website designs and formats).

B.  You must maintain your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store at your expense according to all CARTRIDGE WORLD standards for new stores and promptly undertake all changes as are required by us from time-to-time in our Business Judgment. You will not make any alterations to your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store or its appearance as originally approved by us without our prior written approval.

C.  You agree that you and your employees will wear then current CARTRIDGE WORLD logo apparel at your sole expense.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


10.2      Designated Equipment. Products. Services and/or Suppliers.

A.            Your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store must purchase, use and offer such Designated Equipment, Products and Services, as are specified by us and/or a Related Company from time to time. We may designate a single or multiple suppliers for any given item or service and may concentrate purchases with one or more suppliers in our Business Judgment. Such suppliers may include, and may be limited to, us and/or companies affiliated with and/or related to us. You understand that we currently have a Related Company(ies) that derive(s) substantial revenues from i) warehousing and selling Products to CARTRIDGE WORLD Store Franchisees, including but not limited to, inks, ink cartridges and related printer consumables, and ii) Services, including construction management and facility design services. We expect these and/or other sales of Products/Services by us and/or Related Company(ies) to continue in the future. We also may develop new products and processes which you may be required to use/implement in your operations. We or an Affiliate or Related Company(ies) can be designated by us/Related Company(ies) in our/their Business Judgment as an exclusive supplier for any such Products/Services. An exclusive supplier may be designated to help ensure that such Products are of a uniform, high quality and are uniformly available in all Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores. You and we agree that the predictability of high quality Products, Product performance and similar factors are of key importance to our target consumers, to building a positive image and reputation for the CARTRIDGE WORLD Brand and Franchise system, and to individual Store and System growth. We/Related Companies may delete, substitute, modify or add to the Products/Services/suppliers in our/their Business Judgment.

B.            Designation of a supplier may be conditioned on factors established by us/Related Companies in our/their Business Judgment, including without limitation performance relating to frequency of delivery, standards of service, and payment or other consideration to us or parties designated by us/them. We/Related Companies can approve, or revoke or deny approval, of particular items or suppliers in our/their Business Judgment.

C.           You must purchase all goods and services for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store from suppliers approved by us, unless otherwise permitted by us or as provided in the Manuals. You can request the approval of an item, service or supplier by notifying us in writing and submitting such information and/or materials we request. We can require you to pre-pay any reasonable charges connected with our review and evaluation of any proposal. We will notify you of our decision within a reasonable time.

D.           You will not make any claims against us/Related Companies with respect to any supplier and/or related products/services, and/or our designation of, or our relationship with, any supplier/products/services. Claims by you with respect to any supplier-related and/or similar matters will be made only against the supplier in question. You will provide us with written notice prior to taking any action in connection with such a claim. We will use diligent efforts to assist you in resolving any disputes with suppliers approved and/or designated by us.

10.3      Purchasing Cooperative. We can require that you join and make required purchases/leases through the CARTRIDGE WORLD purchasing cooperative or other entity designated by us. Such entity may adopt its own bylaws, rules, regulations and procedures, subject to our consent in our Business Judgment. We can require each such entity to submit monthly and annual financial statements, and can require that the annual financial statements be audited, all at the expense of such cooperative. Your failure to timely pay amounts due to, or comply with the bylaws, rules, regulations and procedures of such cooperative is a breach of this Agreement. We can offset against amounts we owe to you the amount of your unpaid cooperative obligations.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


10.4      Compliance with Laws and Ethical Business Practices.

A.    You'll operate your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store in full compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. If there is ever a conflict between the requirements imposed under this Agreement and your obligation to comply with applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations, you shall immediately: (1) comply with the applicable law, ordinance, and/or regulation; and (2) give us written notice explaining the nature and extent of the conflict.

B.    We make no representations or assurances as to what (if any) licenses, permits, authorizations or otherwise may be required in connection with your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store. It is your sole responsibility to identify and obtain all authorizations necessary to your operation. You agree to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and ethical conduct in your business activities. You will notify us in writing within five (5) days of the commencement of any proceeding and/or of the issuance of any governmental order or action impacting you and/or your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store.

C.   You agree to comply and/or assist us in our compliance efforts, as applicable, with any and all laws, regulations, Executive Orders or otherwise relating to anti terrorist activities, including without limitation the U.S. Patriot Act, Executive Order 13224, and related U.S. Treasury and/or other regulations. In connection with such compliance efforts, you agree not to enter into any prohibited transactions and to properly perform any currency reporting and other activities relating to your Franchise Business as may be required by us or by law. You confirm that you are not listed in the Annex to Executive Order 13224 and agree not to hire any person so listed or have any dealing with a person so listed. You are solely responsible for ascertaining what actions must be taken by you to comply with all such laws, orders and/or regulations, and specifically acknowledge and agree that your indemnification responsibilities as provided in Section 7.4 pertain to your obligations hereunder.

10.5      Management and Personnel of Your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store, Training.

A.            Your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store must be personally managed on a full-time basis by a person who has successfully completed mandatory training and met then-current standards. We strongly recommend on-site management by you.

B.            You are solely responsible for the hiring and management of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store employees, for the terms of their employment and for ensuring their compliance with any training or other employment related requirements established by us from time to time in our Business Judgment.

C.           We have the right to deal with the manager regarding routine operations and reporting requirements. You will ensure that our records for your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store managers/supervisors are kept current.

10.6      Insurance.

A.            You agree to maintain in force policies of insurance issued by carriers approved by us

covering various risks, as specified in writing by us from time-to-time. We can specify the types and amounts of coverage required under such policies and require different and/or additional kinds of insurance at any time, including excess liability insurance. Each insurance policy must: i) name us and our Affiliates and Related Companies as additional named insured; ii) contain a waiver of all subrogation rights against us, our Affiliates and any successors and assigns; iii) and provide thirty (30) days' prior written notice to us of any material modifications, cancellation, or expiration of such policies.

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006                                                        25

B.           If you fail to maintain required insurance coverage, we will have the right (but not the obligation) to obtain such insurance coverage on your behalf. You will pay us on demand any costs and premiums incurred by us.

C.           Current insurance requirements include the following and are subject to change by us: (i) comprehensive general liability insurance against claims for bodily and personal injury, death and property damage caused by, or occurring in conjunction with, your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store; (ii) all risk property and casualty insurance for the replacement value of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store and all associated items; and (iii) business interruption insurance providing for continued payment of all amounts due us and/or any Affiliate of ours under this Agreement.

10.7      Program Participation. We can condition your participation in any program, or your receipt of any CARTRIDGE WORLD System benefits, on you being in Good Standing.

10.8      Continued Payment of Royalties, etc. During Closure. You must immediately notify us of any closure of your CARTRIDGE WORLD Store for any reason and submit a plan for re-opening. All financial obligations of yours to us or to any Franchisor-Related Person/Entity (including royalties) will remain in effect during such closure period, unless we otherwise agree in writing. Any such closure not authorized and/or excused by us shall be a default of this Agreement, entitling us to all remedies available hereunder, at law and in equity.

10.9      Customer Satisfaction. Quality Controls, etc. We can institute various programs for auditing customer satisfaction and/or other quality control measures. We can require you to pay for such program costs. You agree to request your customers to participate in any surveys performed by or on behalf of us, using forms prescribed by us from time to time.

10.10    Franchisee Advisory Council and Selection. We and/or Related Companies may elect in our/their Business Judgment to form a "Franchisee Advisory Council" or "FAC," to provide Input to us. The FAC will consist of Franchisees in Good Standing, each of whom shall represent the interests of the Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores in their distinct geographical region (the "Region"). FAC members will be elected for a term or terms by a majority of the Traditional CARTRIDGE WORLD Stores situated in their respective Region. The geographical area of each Region will be established by us and/or Related Companies, as applicable, in our/their Business Judgment, with due consideration given to achieving a representative group of Stores for each Region. The number of Regions and their respective boundaries will be subject to adjustment from time to time to reflect growth and Store population changes, among other appropriate factors. Each Store, both franchisee and Franchisor Related Company-owned, will be entitled to one vote per Store. We and/or Related Companies, as applicable, will always have the right to appoint one representative to participate in all FAC meetings and any other FAC activities, but such representative will be a non-voting participant. The FAC may adopt its own bylaws, rules, regulations and procedures, subject to our and/or Related Companies, as applicable, consent in our/their Business Judgment. While we/they are not required to do so except in those specific instances stated in this Agreement, if we/Related Companies submit any matters for approval to an FAC and approval is granted, the approval will be binding on you.


11.1 National Marketing Fund.

A. CWNA has established an advertising, publicity and marketing fund (the "National Marketing

Cartridge World North America, LLC Unit UFOC (LOI) 03.2006


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