Sample Employment Application












Company Logo




Company Name


Insert narrative on Company history, philosophy, products and service descriptions….




How did you hear about the position for which you are applying? (Check applicable box)




o       Walk-in applicant (please specify store) ______________________________________________


o       Employee referral (please state name of employee) _____________________________________


o       Another website (please specify the site) ______________________________________________


o       Newspaper ad (please specify the newspaper) __________________________________________


o       Community organization (please specify) _____________________________________________


o       School (please specify) ____________________________________________________________


o       In-store recruiting materials/signage (please specify store) ________________________________


o       Other source (please specify) _______________________________________________________







Present address (street, city, state, zip): ______________________________________________________


Email: _____________ Primary telephone: __________________ Secondary telephone: ______________


Are you 16 or over?                                                                                                             Yes_______ No ______


If you are under 18, can you furnish a work permit?  If no, please explain:                Yes_______    No ______




Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?                                                             Yes_______ No ______

(Proof of eligibility will be required upon employment)


Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  If yes, please explain:                              Yes_______ No ______




(Note: You need not identify convictions that have been sealed, expunged, dismissed, or otherwise eradicated by statute or court order, any conviction for a marijuana offense if the conviction is more than two years old, or any information pertaining to referral to and participation in any pre-trial diversion program.  Such conviction may be relevant if job-related, but does not necessarily bar you from employment.)


Do you have any friends or family now employed by our company?                         Yes_______    No ______


If yes, identify by name(s), position and location: ______________________________________________




Please indicate when you are available to work:




















What is your pay expectation? __________________ When could you start? ________________________


What position are you applying for? ________________________________________________________


What vacations or extended time off do you need in the next three to six months? ____________________


How long would you like to work at this Company? ____________________________________________


If applying for a retail position:

  • At which store are you interested in working? _________________________________________


  • What is your second and third choice? _______________________________________________


  • Indicate minimum and maximum hours available each week: _____________________________






Name & Location

Years Completed



High School














Additional Training











List your last three employers, starting from the most recent.  You may also include non-paid volunteer experience or extra-curricular activities.  Please complete this section even if you attach a resume.


Dates Employed

Company & Address

Position & Duties

Number of Hrs. per Week Worked

Supervisor & Phone Number


Reason for Leaving

May We  Contact for a Reference?








































Have you ever been employed with this Company before?                                         Yes_______ No ______


If yes, please where, when and your reason for leaving: _________________________________________




Have you applied with this Company before?                                                                Yes_______ No ______


If yes, please state where and when: _________________________________________________________


Have you ever been dismissed or forced to resign from employment?                      Yes_______    No ______


If yes, please explain: ____________________________________________________________________








Please provide contact information for present or previous supervisors (not related to you). Supervisory references from school, volunteer organizations or extra-curricular interests are acceptable if no others are available.


Name: ___________________________________________ Phone number: ________________________


Title: _____________________________ How acquainted and for how long? _______________________



Name: ___________________________________________ Phone number: ________________________


Title: _____________________________ How acquainted and for how long? _______________________



Name: ___________________________________________ Phone number: ________________________


Title: _____________________________ How acquainted and for how long? _______________________





What do you think you will enjoy about working for this Company? _______________________________






What is your definition of customer service? __________________________________________________






How often do you purchase our products/services? What is your favorite type? _______________________









Please read carefully, initial each paragraph and sign below:


_____ I hereby certify that I have not knowingly withheld or misrepresented any information pertaining to my application for employment and that the answers given by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any omission or misstatement of material fact on this application or on any document used to secure employment shall be grounds for rejection of this application or for immediate discharge if I am employed, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery.


_____ I hereby authorize this Company to thoroughly investigate my references, work record, education and other matters related to my suitability for employment and, further, authorize the references I have listed, or any additional references identified by me or this Company to provide any relevant information regarding my current and/or previous employment.  In addition, I hereby release all persons, schools and employers of any and all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in any way related to such investigation or disclosure.


_____ I understand and agree that as part of the employment process, I may be asked to sign a separate form authorizing this Companyto obtain a “Consumer Report” and/or “Investigative Consumer Report” from a consumer reporting agency.  I further understand that any offer of employment may be contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.


_____ I understand and agree that, if employed by us, my employment with Beard Papa’s is at-will and can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at the option of either me or Beard Papa’s.  No manager or representative of  this Company has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to this at-will relationship. Any such agreement must be in writing and signed by the President and me.  This express at-will agreement constitutes the entire agreement between me and Beard Papa’s with respect to the duration of my employment or the circumstances or conditions under which my employment may be terminated.  This at-will agreement supersedes and precludes the existence of any contrary agreements, expressed or implied.


_____ I understand and agree that, if hired, at all times during the term of employment and after the expiration or termination, I will keep all Confidential Information in the strictest of confidence and I will not disclose to any person, agents or representatives unless required by law. I will not use any Confidential Information except for the purpose of fulfilling my obligations with this employment. 

Confidential Information includes without limitation: product recipes, mixes and formulas and knowledge of specifications for and suppliers of all equipment, fixtures, furnishings, signs, materials, supplies and ingredients.


_____ I understand and agree that if hired, upon termination of my employment I will promptly return all property belonging to this Company, including but not limited to uniforms, keys, computer equipment and credit cards






 Signature                                                                                                              Date



This application is current for 60 days.